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most popular bingo patterns
Jan 30,2020

The Most Popular Bingo Patterns

There are many online bingo sites available on the internet. There are many reasons for why you love online bingo games. The first reason is that it is dynamic and exciting game. Which is not definitely a game of your grandma’s time. The average age of the players is 35 and most of them are females among them. The online bingo game is available for the whole week. And thus you can play the game whenever you want it. Here in this article, we discuss the most popular bingo patterns.

most popular bingo patterns

10 Most Popular Bingo Patterns

1. Straight Line Designs

There are a few simple patterns of lines, which may include a combination of vertical, horizontal or diagonal. One-line bingo you can win by completing every single line. While the double line bingo needs two straight lines, which need not necessarily be parallel. There are also several patterns of a combination of lines, as in bow tie, star, etc.

2. Lucky seven Pattern

This pattern is a double bingo that forms the number seven, consisting of horizontal and diagonal edges.

3. Overall profitability and Odd, Speedball Pattern

In the suit, the player tries to scratch the 24 numbered seats in a specific number of connections, as decided before the game begins. If this does not happen the further procedure may be decided on.

Odd-even a variation of the suit, in which the player is to dry it either even or odd numbers.

Speedball is another form of the suit, in which the caller calls out numbers quickly.

4. Picture Frame Pattern

This frame includes each edge of the card. Yet another classification of this pattern is broken photo frame. Which covers all areas along the edges, which starts from the corner.

5. Diamond Design

The pattern takes the shape of a diamond from the centre of each edge forming part of the pattern.

6. Mail Stamp / Double Stamp

In the corners of the card must be scratched to win. The number of turns is defined in the name of the pattern.

7. Six Pack / Eight block

Block contains eight figures, which are two rows of each of the four squares.

8. Kite / Arrow Pattern

It is a classification of a postage stamp, which contain one corner, and diagonally to the opposite corner.

9. American Flag / Castle Design

This pattern consists of the top three horizontal lines and the horizontal line or a corner to the right or left.

10. Snake Model

It consists of five squares forming a zigzag line, which begins with the first column of the second square.

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