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May 19,2020

Live Dealer Roulette Online and Get Free Bonus Money

Playing Live Dealer Roulette in the casino is a lot of fun! Playing roulette at home on the couch with all the benefits of a real casino is now possible if you use Roulette against live dealers. This article discusses all the benefits of playing Live Roulette. We will also briefly discuss a few variants of Roulette which are increasingly common online.

Numerous websites have brought the casino to your drawing room by presenting live casino games Although these live casino games have been well accepted, they could not match up to the real casino and its intriguing environment.

You can play live roulette online only if you have a computer at home. Live roulette allows interaction among the players and dealers. Through the computer, you will be transferred to a casino. The live roulette is similar to the actual game of roulette in all other aspects.

The benefits of playing online roulette

The advantages of playing online roulette compared to playing in the casino are, for example, that there is always a free table to play on. The number of tables in online roulette is unlimited, while in the casino you often have to wait for other players and in addition, you often have to wait for other players during the game. With online roulette, you are not bothered by this at all.

Another advantage is that you do not have to leave the house to play Roulette. This has the advantage that time is saved and also money because you do not have to travel to the casino with the associated costs.

live dealer roulette online, online roulette dealer,

You can always play if you feel like playing online Roulette. You can also use online tools to play a certain game such as Roulette with a fun strategy. So you can try a strategy, but you don’t have to learn it! And it is easy to learn Roulette in the online casino because you can practice for free.

How does Live Roulette play?

Live Roulette is played with the help of a croupier, this croupier runs the game according to the rules and generally works somewhere in a casino. This can be abroad or inland. The game that is played is played live and is therefore certainly not recorded, via a stream the images come into the living room and you can play along.

Usually, live roulette uses nice ladies who greet you upon entering the live roulette game, which of course makes it very pleasant. But you should see that more as a bonus. The real advantage is that you get the atmosphere of the casino and in addition, there is a certified croupier who ensures that you are always sure that the game is fair. It is nice that you can also hear the sound, this means that you can hear the croupier talking, just like fellow players who, for example, have a chat with the croupier. The atmosphere of the casino really comes in and that is of course fun.

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Live Dealer Roulette Bonuses

Playing roulette with a live dealer gives you the opportunity to win free bonuses and it is also a great way to spend time, winning money at the same time. The bonus offers you actually more money for a limited bankroll, which live casinos do not offer.

Once you discover the advantages, it will only be a matter of time until you will stop going to the live casinos and become a fan of the internet casinos, with better programs and bonuses. Just imagine how would it be if you would walk into a casino and buy-in for $200 and get another $200 just like that? Those who have seen it and are convinced of it should spread this information for the others since it is a brand new idea, unheard of in a live casino.

Variants of Live Dealer Roulette

As promised, we will return to the variants of live dealer Roulette. In the casino, there are usually two variants played, which is either European Roulette, known in Holland Casino for example, or it is American Roulette which is mainly (but not only) played in America. If you have a choice, then always choose European Roulette because here you play with one zero and so the chances of winning are greater than with American Roulette where you play with two zeros. Especially in the online casino, there are even more variants of Roulette. It is, of course, easy to come up with and offer some variants in online roulette.

The variants are often only slightly different from Roulette in the casino. However, it is always fun to play a different variant to get bored, if there is, to counteract. You can play a variant which is very popular where a jackpot can be won. Variants are often not offered live so you will just have to play it without a personal croupier.

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Live roulette online is a game many people play to win real money, bringing in cash into their pockets in order to pay for trips, electronics, or anything they wish. But maybe you just want to try your hand at the game first, or perhaps you simply do not have any money to put on the table currently. Fortunately, there are many free games out there where you do not need to pay in order to play. This is where we step in, and thanks to the list of free games here, we have you covered.

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