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How To Win Online Keno, Tips To Win Online Keno, Online Keno Strategy,
Feb 26,2020

How To Win Online Keno: Online Keno Strategy

Winning at keno depends on picking numbers that match the winning keno numbers selected by the Random Number Generator. The key elements in playing keno are, first, deciding how many numbers to pick. And then deciding on the specific numbers (your “spots”). Keno is an ancient lottery-type game based on picking numbers that match the winning keno numbers. It is a game of luck, but there are some good sense tips for how to win online keno or online keno strategy that can help you enjoy your game and to win more.

How To Win Online Keno, Tips To Win Online Keno, Online Keno Strategy,

Tips To Win Online Keno

Set Yourself a Bankroll

Set yourself a limited amount of money to play with and, possibly, to lose. This is your bankroll. Make sure your bankroll is large enough to see you through a few rounds of keno. Remember that losses are often involved before you start to win anything at keno.

Online casinos often offer sign-up offers and other promotions. By all means, take advantage of what they offer. There is nothing better than gambling with the house’s money. But do read the fine print, and make sure you comply with all the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Practice Keno Online

If you intend to play keno online, play a few practice games first. Online keno might seem like a simple game, but a little practice never hurt anybody, and it just might help. After a few practice keno games, you will feel ready to play keno for real money.

If your goal is to stay longer in the game and to make your bankroll last, you should wager small amounts of money on a smaller number of spots. Conversely, if you want to gamble on winning a bigger keno payout, you need to place larger bets on a larger number of spots. The biggest keno jackpot is available only if you bet the maximum fifteen spots. A $10 wager could win you $100,000.

Learn all you can about keno strategies. Because of the fluctuation in the keno odds and payouts, some keno bets are better than others. It is better to wager on three keno numbers than on four. It is also better keno strategy to bet on eleven spots than on seven, eight, nine, or ten spots.

Pick Your Lucky Keno Numbers

There is no such thing as the best keno numbers or the worst keno numbers. Pick keno numbers that seem lucky to you. Your lucky keno numbers could be based on birthdays, telephone numbers, bible verses, or numbers that come to you in a dream. When it comes to picking keno numbers, any system that gives you pleasure is the right keno system for you.

Do not forget to keep your Yin and Yang in proper balance. Keno is an ancient Chinese game, and it incorporates elements of Chinese philosophy. The top half of the keno ticket symbolizes the Yin, and the bottom half symbolizes the Yang.

Study the Keno Payouts

A careful examination of the keno payout table will help you refine your keno strategy. For example, if you pick three keno numbers and hit all three, your payout is 16 to 1. If you pick four keno numbers and hit all four, your payout is 12 to 1. Note that it is harder to hit four out of four than it is to hit three out of three, yet the payout is lower. So playing three-spot keno is a better strategy than playing four-spot keno.

Now, look at the payout tables for the 7-spot through the 11-spot keno games. Note that in all of these games, you need three hits to break even. The odds of hitting 3 out of 11 are much better than the odds of hitting 3 out of 7. Note also that the biggest jackpot is the 11-spot keno game is 3,000, while the biggest jackpot in the 7-spot game is 100. In other words, the 11-spot game gives the best of both worlds: the highest probability of at least breaking even and the highest potential keno jackpot. So picking 11 keno numbers is a better keno strategy than picking 7, 8, 9, or 10 keno numbers.

Enjoy Your Game of Keno

Finally, remember that keno is, after all, just a game. There will be days that you win at keno and days that you lose. Don’t play keno when you feel pressured to win money, and don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. If you gamble sensibly and keep a cool head, you will find that the game of keno is a lot of fun and quite exciting.

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